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Since 2014, Improvilicious has created a brand new show for the Comedy Festival.


There are improvised guides to Video Games (2019), Superheroes (2018), BFFs (2017), The Internet (2016), High School (2015) and The History of Theatre (2014).


Improvilicious performs every day of the April school holidays (except Mondays) at Melbourne Town Hall, and throughout the year at Victorian schools.


Follow us on social media @improvilicious for news of our 2020 show, The Improvised Guide to Scary Stories.  


“Inspired and hilarious” – The Herald Sun


Impro-larious Comedy for Kids, Families and Schools


Improvilicious is a hilarious 55 minute improvised comedy show for everyone aged 10 years+.

Two improvisers deliver a six-part epic adventure, using audience suggestions, classic and new Theatresports-style games, funny scripted bits, and special guest performers from the audience. And because it’s improvised, every show features a unique new story and characters.
"A lot of fun for game-playing adults and kids alike" - Rachel Hyland, Funny Tonne (2019)
"A hilarious journey into your own unique video game" - KidTown Melbourne  (2019)
"Non-stop fun for the whole family!" ★★★★ - Chris Heaslip, Funny Tonne  (2019)
“It was all a blast... worth a trip to the city” Weekend Notes (2018)
"the chemistry between the performers makes this show suitable for the whole family" ★★★★
 The Funny Tonne (2018)
“Loud, nonsensical, break-neck energetic and very funny” meetoo (2017)
“Great, honest and wholesome performance for the whole family... sure to tickle your fancy” Weekend Notes (2016)
“Genuinely witty and clever… packed with energy, charm and lots of sparkles”
Maggie Journal (2016)
“Inspired and hilarious” Herald Sun (2015)
“If you're a die hard comedy fan with a family, this is one of the hottest tickets in town”  Yawp (2014)
“Deliciously good fun.” The West Australian
“Fantastic entertainment for the kids, an impressive display of quick thinking, and a reminder that being utterly silly is good for you!” The Subiaco Post
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AMBERLY CULL When Amberly was 10, she was on a boat and she was awarded coolest kid on the ship - this is her greatest achievement to date. Amberly loves doing all the things. She loves puppets, animals, theatre - even vegetables. When Amberly was younger she would play the legend of Zelda, but she thought that if she got hurt in the game she would get hurt in real life so she stayed in Kakarico village for hours. She is braver these days still loves Zelda, as well as Portal, Pokemon and anything in the world of Mario!

BEN RUSSELL Comic, actor and writer. The Tokyo Hotel, Aaron Chen Tonight, Nö Shöw, The Grub and Little Scamps. 2015 Golden Gibbo Nominee - Melbourne International Comedy Festival

BRIANNA WILLIAMS likes improv, comedy, and playing games with bright colours and loud sounds! Her foray into gaming began in 1998 when, in an attempt to impress her brother, she starting playing Final Fantasy VII. What was REALLY impressive was that she had to employ her brother's help to beat the really hard bosses, but she still beat the game which is what counts: winning.

CASSIE DALY has been improvising almost as long as she's been playing video games! As a kid, she never had her own console but always kept up with the best games at friends' houses! Now, Cassie lives in a house with an Xbox, PlayStation, Wii, N64 AND a SNES. Come over and play Mario Kart some time! Cassie's favourite game will always be The Sims - which probably says a lot about her personality...

JIMMY JAMES EATON Ever since Jimmy first got a Sega Master System with an inbuilt Alex Kid game way back in 1989, he’s been hooked on video games. Jimmy now does live comedy, TV shows, voices cartoon movies and basically anything else he can do to afford extra time and money to buy and play more video games. His favourite game is The Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. "An hour of laugh out loud." ★★★★ The Herald Sun

LOUISA FITZHARDINGE loves games of all kinds - from Mario Kart to a cheeky round of Bananagrams! Her video game journey began when, at the ripe age of 10, she was given a Game Boy and a copy of Pokémon Yellow for her birthday. Since then she’s fallen in love with Portal, Skyrim, World of Warcraft, Braid and The Sims, but she’ll never forget those magical days of wandering around Kanto and attempting to beat Team Rocket. Her favourite things include improv, musicals, potatoes and wearing clothing with tiny pencils printed on it.

ALWAYS WORKING ARTISTS is the company of director Jeremy Rice and writer Kate Rice. www.alwaysworkingartists.com.au


Improvilicious! is perfect for schools: 50 minutes plus Q&A, completely self-contained, teacher’s pack with classroom activity plans and curriculum links, student participation and ENTERTAINING! Your class will think you’re the COOLEST EVER teacher if you book one or more of our Improvilicious shows to come to your school.

The Improvised Guide to Video Games: Years 5 – 8
Superheroes: Years 5 – 8
the Internet: Years 5 – 8
High School: Years 5 – 8
The Improvised History of Theatre: Years 9 – 12

Email bookings@alwaysworkingartists.com.au

Western Australia: email: info@thebighoohaa.com.au


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