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Always Working Artists and the Big HOO-HAA! present
IMPROVILICIOUS: The Improvised Guide to High School
By Jimmy James Eaton.
Performed by Ben Russell & Cassie Vagliviello
Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2015
28 March - 12 April
1.30pm Daily (except Mondays)
The Powder Room, Melbourne Town Hall

"If you're a diehard comedy fan with a family, this is one of the hottest tickets in town." YAWPmag

“Deliciously good fun.” The West Australian

“Fantastic entertainment for the kids, an impressive display of quick thinking, and a reminder that being utterly silly is good for you!” The Subiaco Post

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Will my Snapchat go viral? Did that Year 10 look at me? I have to do WHAT with that frog?

High school is scary. Everything is bigger – students, textbooks, detention – and nobody lets you take a nap after lunch.

Ben and Cassie have the smarts to help you survive the challenges every kid faces in high school.

Wanna overcome a bully? YOU GOT IT. Forgot your homework? NO WORRIES. Need a surefire way to approach your crush? WE’RE HERE FOR YOU.

From the guys who brought you Improvilicious: The Improvised History of Theatre comes the impro-larious, edu-comical, help-arific and interactive comedy for tweens and teenagers, Improvilicious: The Improvised Guide to High School.

Written by Melbourne’s sketch laughter genius and Theatresports champion Jimmy James Eaton, Improvilicious blends scripted comedy with improvisation, using audience suggestions to ensure no two shows are the same!

Starring childlike Ben Russell and regressively adolescent Cassandra Vagliviello.

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Ben RussellBen Russell is a comedy writer, director and actor and performs stand-up regularly around Melbourne.He’s lived in Chicago, toured to Edinburgh fringe with his friend Conway. performed at The Soho Theatre in London. He’s improvised with greats like Colin Mochrie, TJ Jagodowski and Susan Messing, opened for Martin Short (pictured) and drank whiskey on the beach in the Seychelles by himself. He’s done other cool stuff too but you can ask him about it if you want to. Ben also wrote this bio.


Cassie Vagliviello Cassie Vagliviello began performing at the age of 12, when her teacher taught her Space Jump and she learnt she could make people laugh. It has become her lifelong passion to continue making people laugh without mentioning the words “poo” or “fart”. A constant performer, Cassie has played many of Shakespeare’s finest ladies - Juliet in Romeo and Juliet, Olivia in Twelfth Night and Portia in The Merchant of Venice - and has toured schools all over WA and Victoria with countless theatre in education productions. You can currently catch Cassie sitting in a giant 0 for Coles Mastercard between overs on the cricket on Channel 9.


Jimmy James Eaton Jimmy James Eaton started improvising at the age of sixteen and won the West Australian Theatre Sports Championships that very year. He's now the Artistic Director of The Big HOO-HAA Melbourne, creator of Free Love Impro and impro Sketch. Jimmy has also worked and performed with London’s Grand Theft Impro, Impro Melbourne, Impro Sydney, The Big HOO-HAA WA, Spontaneous Insanity and was the 2009 National Australian Theatre Sports Champion winning the title of “Best & Fairest”. “... improvised comedy at its absolute funniest: minimal pretension, maximum straight for the throat hilarity.” Time Out Melbourne



Jeremy Rice Jeremy Rice is short. In stature and in biography.


Always Working Artists is the company of director Jeremy Rice and writer Kate Rice. In 2014 the company produced Improvilicious: the Improvised History of Theatre for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, 3 Seeds: short plays by Afeif Ismail at the Blue Room Theatre Perth, Royals by Kate Rice for Melbourne Fringe Festival and Monologue for a Murderer by Kate Rice at La Mama Courthouse Theatre. In September 2015, Always Working Artists will present Run Kitty Run by Tiffany Barton and My Worst Ever Night at the Best School Ball Ever at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.


The Big HOO-HAA! is an improvised comedy night that is created on-the-spot from audience suggestions. The Big HOO-HAA! began in Perth 2002, led by the Chicago-trained Sam Longley. Since then, the show has gained a huge local following, launched the careers of comedians including Tim Minchin, Claire Hooper, Xavier Michelides and Jimmy James Eaton, and established a Melbourne show at the Portland Hotel. In the style of Who’s Line Is It Anyway? and Comedy Sportz, The Big HOO-HAA! sees two teams of fearless comedians do battle, using audience suggestions to improvise comedy sketches.


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Improvilicious! is perfect for schools: 50 minutes plus Q&A, completely self-contained, teacher’s pack with classroom activity plans and curriculum links, student participation and ENTERTAINING! You class will think you’re the COOLEST EVER teacher if you book one or more of our Improvilicious shows to come to your school.

Improvilicious: The Improvised History of Theatre: Years 8 – 12

Improvilicious: the Improvised Guide to High School: Years 5 – 8

Contact Jeremy on 0401 410 135 or email bookings@alwaysworkingartists.com.au

WA: http://www.thebighoohaa.com.au

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